The Vision of VerSiLiB is to enable robust usage of proteogenomics readout in in-vitro diagnostics to address unmet medical needs. The multiplexed detection with a single-molecule sensitivity will offer the benefits of DNA and protein biomarker analysis combined into one easy-to-use test. This universal analysis can be applied in the diagnosis of several significant diseases including viral outbreaks, cancers, neuro-degenerative immune and cardiovascular diseases.

Versatile Amplification Method

Vision: (i) analysis of rare biomarkers in liquid biopsy, (ii) simultaneous analysis of DNA/RNA and protein content (iii) using the novel enzyme-free Affinity Mediated Transport (AMT) amplification method in (iv) low-cost opto-fluidic chips with nL-fL compartments for digital (v) readout at single-molecule sensitivity.

Core idea is a novel enzyme-free Affinity Mediated Transport (AMT) amplification method (Patent No. FI20186055) that unifies the analysis of trace amounts of protein and DNA/RNA analytes. AMT is multipurpose being applicable for various analytes. The key features of AMT include robustness, specificity, speed and accuracy, with respect to currently available enzyme-based detection technologies. See the image.The project aim is to build a proof-of-concept prototype with a novel read-out unit and opto-fluidic biosensor chip with nanophotonic signal enhancement. The benefits of the technology will be validated in the clinical melanoma management using liquid biopsy samples. In oncology, liquid biopsy holds a promise to become a predictive tool that will personalize follow-up and clinical decisions. We will demonstrate the relevance of the technology by detecting an actionable DNA mutation (BRAF p.V600E) and a highly melanoma-restricted protein (ChondroitinSulphate Proteoglycan 4; CSPG4). BRAF mutation is a predictive biomarker related to the therapy response and CSPG4 blood levels progressively increase with advancing disease stages.

Circulating tumor DNA analysis


  • Project number: 101046217
  • Project name: Versatile Amplification Method for Single-Molecule Detection in Liquid Biopsy
  • Project acronym: VerSiLiB
  • Funded by: European Innovation Council, European Union
  • Duration: 04/2022-03/2026
  • EU funding: M€ 2.99
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