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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, project Coordinator, is a research, development and innovation partner and one of the leading research organisations in Europe. VTT promotes the utilisation of research and technology in commercialisation in business and society. To read more about VTT’s Diagnostic technologies, visit


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The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest research and technology organization. It develops new tools, technologies and solutions addressing the key infrastructure issues of the future. The Biosensor Technologies unit develops optical and electronic sensors to address future biomedical diagnostic challenges. (


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Finnadvance Oy. Biomimetic in-vitro disease modeling using organ-on-chips technology – Finnadvance is developing miniature chips for the pharmaceutical industry and for research. The chips mimic functions of a human organ and allow for more precise and expedient drug discovery. This lowers costs by reducing the need for animal studies.


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Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Institute of Physics is the largest Institute of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Its department of Optical and Biophysical Systems is represented in VerSiLiB by the laboratory of Biophotonics is focusing on the combined aspects of nanophotonics and biomaterials research applied in optical sensors, biosensors, and light management in thin film optical devices. In particular, it purses analytical optical technologies for rapid and sensitive detection of chemical and biological species relevant to medical diagnostics and food control.


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Procomcure GmbH is an ambitious biotech corporation located in Thalgau, Austria. In the heart of the lakeland of Salzburg, we develop innovative, high-tech PCR reagents and technologies for a broad range of applications. Our portfolio offers a solution for any PCR‑related application.


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The Regina Elena National Cancer Institute ( is an OECI-accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center featuring highly integrated clinical and translational research facilities. Our mission is to advance cancer prevention, diagnosis and cure with a special focus on precision and molecular oncology.


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University of Catania. With an average enrolment of 40,000 students, the University of Catania has been around for hundreds of years since 1434 and is oldest one in Sicily. The educational system is run and overseen by 17 departments. The Medical School for starters, and by two other educational units respectively located in the city of Ragusa as far as Modern Languages are concerned, and in Syracuse for the School of Architecture. Another special unit is the Scuola Superiore di Catania, a higher education centre based on excellence that was founded in 1998 for the selection and the recognition of the brightest young minds, offering a variety of studies including analysis, research and experimentation. (



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